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Most often, depression may be caused by prolonged stress due to traumatic events or by negative thinking patterns. Although you cannot change events happened in the past, you may want to change the way you approach them and thus learn from those experiences, rather than keep suffering because of the way you learned to think since.

Hypnotherapy to treat depression

Even most recent research reports that hypnotherapy is a valid treatment to deal with depression. Hypnotherapy can help you deal with your depression psychologically, rather than resorting to drugs. However, hypnotherapy can be used either alone, in cases of minor depression, or in conjunction with medical treatments. Though, a person under the influence of drugs may be more resistant to the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Here in London there are many people suffering from depression already and it seems that the number around the world is going to increase in the next few years. One more fact about depression is that it is “contagious”. And it is not just about genetics. It is about thinking. The way your family and friends think influences the way you think. It is important to act. As soon as possible.



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SR Hypnotherapy London for Depression

If you live in London and are tired of suffering from depression, just send me a text or an email or give me a ring for a friendly chat. We can discuss together how hypnotherapy can help. Coming out of depression is about taking action. You might want to act now and free yourself from depression.



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