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Your dreams can tell you how you really feel about something and what's the best way to solve your problems and achieve goals in life. Images and words in your dreams contain something deeper and more complex than just their appearance. Your unconscious mind still holds a great archaic knowledge of symbolism, where an image or a word could open up to vast new worlds of understanding.

Analysing your dreams

That's the way forward if you want to uncover the meanings of your dreams and make them clear to you in their message. The best way to analyse your dreams is to explore their details according to your own values, beliefs, current life events, your history, and even your ambitions. You can choose whether to use hypnosis to unlock the language of your dreams by taking a closer look into your unconscious.

Your dreams work as monitors showing you what’s going on inside your mind. Of course, dreams are so strange and look so banal sometimes. But you might agree with me that the more banal they look, the more they catch your attention during the day. Have you not found yourself thinking and reflecting over such a dream at least once?



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SR Hypnotherapy London for Dream Analysis

If you want to analyse your dream and understand more about yourself and the messages that your unconscious keeps sending you, just contact me by all means. You can start to email me the story of your dream if you like...



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