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Fast Track Hypnosis



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The Fast Track Hypnotherapy Session (FTHS) is been designed to help you make permanent changes after just a one-off session of 3 (three) consecutive hours. Although it requires lots of energy from you and the hypnotherapist alike, the FTHS will leave you determined to achieve your goal and enjoy success!

The FTHS is as safe as a normal hypnotherapy session. However, it is only available for those who want to deal with issues such as phobias, confidence, weight loss, habits, and other minor issues.

The FTHS is not available to solve issues such as anxiety and depression.



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Since it is a one-off session, you may even want to travel to London and take the opportunity to solve one of your issues in just three hours. Get in touch now, by all means, to know more about how it works and how beneficial can be for you!



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