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There are a few explanations for how phobias could develop. Your phobia can be the product of severe stress or experiences that built up into excessive anxiety, and thus into a phobia. Alternatively, your phobia may be the product of your unconscious imitation of a role model of yours. Many people are conditioned during their infancy and tend to absorb their parents’, siblings or best friends behaviours.

Hypnotherapy to treat phobias

Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of your phobia and address your stress levels and anxiety issues. Hypnotherapy can help you desensitise from the object of your phobia and re-learn new sensible behaviours for when you will face them again. Extreme fears of spiders, buttons, needles, and flying are just a few examples of phobias.

There could be many examples of phobias developed by people in London. Travelling by the London Underground or even on overground trains, catching one of those crowded buses of London peak times, riding your bicycle or driving your car in the traffic of London, getting in to a lift in any of the buildings across London, are just a few examples.



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If you live in London and are considering the benefits of making your life easier by getting rid of your phobias, you might want to send me a text or an email or give me a call to discuss your phobia and how hypnotherapy can help.



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