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My story

My decision to do hypnosis came when I realised that it was just about the time to move on to the next step of my life journey. I used to be a manager and my job involved training, coaching and leading a team of individuals coming from different backgrounds and having different life perspectives.

My approach

I position myself on the overlapping layer where science meets spirituality; that’s my approach to hypnosis. I read spiritual texts from all backgrounds, mainstream and mystical philosophies, as well as scientific research papers that explore further our human realms and provide with new evidence, while posing new questions.

My experience

I've helped many people overcome their issues. For example, I've helped individuals to board planes and enjoy their flights without resorting to psycho-drugs anymore. I've helped people improve their self-esteem, their confidence, and also their sexual performance with their partners. I've helped smokers to stop smoking, in just one session, after being addicted for decades. I've helped individuals to regain their tranquillity and a smile on their face, with renewed motivation and life objectives, after relatively long periods of sadness, insecurity and stress.

•Hypnotherapy Diploma (HPD)

•NLP Diploma

•Discursive Empowerment Certificate

•Pain Management Certificate

•Anxiety based Depression (CBT)

•Dream Analysis Certificate






Stress management





My mission in hypnotherapy

I aim to help individuals empower themselves and take control of their own life, if they want to. Each one of us can choose whether to achieve their own life goals or just be part of someone else’s plan. If you decide to solve your issues and achieve your goals in life, be my guest! - Salv Ridino



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