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Do you want to reduce weight? Do you want to make sure that this time you are going to stick to your diet? Perhaps you know that to shift weight you need to regulate the daily calories intake. Actually, you might already be an expert about the calorific value of many food items. And you might know that if you want to be successful in shifting weight off, you need the whole process to be enjoyable.

How can hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

You might want to enjoy the benefits of a simple and motivating programme that allows you to eat whenever you like, and do physical activities the way you like it. My approach with hypnotherapy is to give you the opportunity to reduce your weight by engaging in easy activities, and at your own pace. Furthermore, while in hypnotherapy with me, you might find out the unconscious reasons why you have been overeating all this time. And you might want to take this extra opportunity to resolve some inner conflict and re-establish a new balance in your life.

You might know how challenging is here in London to stick to a diet and organize and prepare, every day, your meals. You might be resorting to quick meals or junk food to satisfy your hunger or just your cravings. Stressful working hours and long journeys across London may not help to keep up with your healthy physical activities.



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If you live or working in London and want to consider how to shift some weight off with hypnotherapy, just send me a text or an email or give me a call to briefly discuss your specific issues around food and how hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.



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